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Wynwood Art Walk


Wynwood Art Walk
500 NW 23rd Street 33127 Miami United States
Wynwood Art Walk has become one of the most iconic events in Miami. It takes place on the second Saturday of each and every month. The event has organically grown from a gallery night to an incredible collection of artists, dancers, gourmet food trucks, music and the best people watching in South Florida. Wynwood and Art Walk itself have always been on the cutting edge. Graffiti, which is now on everyone’s radar, has always been a part of Wynwood. Craft beer, another phenomenal trend, has its South Florida roots in Wynwood. And there are many things that Wynwood has been a leader in. For the most part, Wynwood is ahead of the curve.

With that same pioneering attitude, Art Walk and the hub of food trucks, nightlife and entertainment is staking its claim on the next big thing: Fifth Avenue. What many consider the main drag of Wynwood, 2nd Avenue, is really quite difficult to navigate. It’s only one lane in each direction, has little or no parking available ever and is just a closed-in series of concrete buildings. But Fifth Avenue, just one block west, is three-times as wide with a tree-lined median. The graffiti Wynwood is known for is still there, but accented by natural greenery. It is a much more picturesque avenue. And if you’ve ever had a problem finding parking, fear no more. There are over 3,000 parking spaces in the lots adjacent to the new location. This will now be the new home and center of Art Walk.

The Wynwood Art Walk epicenter will now begin on NW 23rd Street and 5th Avenue. Here you’ll continue to find incredible artisans showcasing and selling their crafts, you’ll find South Florida’s top food trucks, you’ll have top bands and DJ’s playing, and yes, there’ll be plenty of people watching to be had as well. As always, Art Walk is free and open to the public. This is not an exclusive event, but an inclusive event. Come as you are. You are welcome.

Confirmed Food Trucks:
Guiseppe's Italian Sausage
On Point Seafood
Food Dude, LLC
The Original Greek
Miami Roasted Corn
Aja Foodtruck
Mobstah Lobstah
King Of Racks BBQ
Pizza Zilla
C. Beef Co.
Morgans 2829
Key West Conch Shack & Grill
Top Fries
Que Pinchos Tacos y Mas
Lost Chef Corp
Arabian Knife
Arepas Las Gorditas
Don Mofongo Food Truck
Pop Starz Plus
Chacos Chinese Tacos
Nadira Kitchen
Cantina Grill
Pastel Gourmet
Mi Parrillita Venezulana INC
All Stars Fro-Yo
Taco Fresh
DOugh DOugh's Donuts
Sweet Blendz
Empanada Top
D'Pana Cachapas LLC
Cheeseburger Baby
Las Mexicanas Food Truck
ShotGun Joe's Churrascaria
Ceviches by Divino
Las Guaras Pepiteria
Potato Corner
Greek Cuisine Oasis
El Sabor Costeño
Killer Melts
Mi Pana Burger
Island Buzz
Golden Treats
World Famous Inc
Rodmart Corporation
Green Bites Vrindavan